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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Up to Here

I'll admit it.  I'm a little cranky today.  I spent the weekend in Quakertown at a tennis tournament with Kate.  That went well, but I just have to tell you that there is nothing going on in Quakertown, Pennsylvania.  It's not that it's not a fine place.  In fact, I'm sure it's a lovely place to live, but it's hardly a scintillating weekend destination.

Here's the thing about youth tennis tournaments.  They are an exercise in hurry up and wait.  The fun starts on Friday night and continues, depending on how your kid does, through Sunday.  The problem is that there's a lot of downtime at these tournaments, but not quite enough to do anything else.  So you spend a lot of time waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting some more.

Kate played Friday at 4:30 p.m.  She did not play again until noon on Saturday and then again at 5:30 p.m. So we had time to kill.  We went to the bookstore.  We had lunch.  We went to the CVS where I spent $61 on adhesive tape, gum, candy, and magazines.  We went to the car wash.  And then we still had time to kill.

But that's not even what made me cranky.  Teenage girls make me cranky.  And then there's the five and a half hour drive to and from Quakertown with said teenage girl.  That's what made me cranky.

Have you ever noticed that there's no right thing to say to a teenage girl?  If I say it's snowing, she will argue until I give in and agree that it's not actually snow coming from the sky.  It's flurries.  Need I say more?

Have you noticed that I've needed to vent a lot lately.  I'm so glad I have the blog because I think Ted is sick of hearing it.  Oh no.  Maybe you are too.

Ted has offered me dinner out tonight and you know what?  I'm going to take him up on his offer and skip the cooking.  I deserve it.  Maybe it will make me less cranky.  That would be nice.

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  1. Hoping Kate did well at the tournament and that you enjoyed your dinner last night. Hang in there...the teen years don't last forever even though you think they will never end!