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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cupcake Update

Kate (right) and a friend enjoying the cupcakes
I've been meaning to update you on Kate's birthday cupcake extravaganza.  It was huge.  A total success.  Everybody loved them.  The junior class at school loved the Oreo cookie cupcakes, and the tennis friends loved the cookie dough cupcakes.  As I said, my handiwork proved to be very successful.

Kate took some pictures of a couple of her friends at school enjoying her birthday celebration.  So without further ado (and with their permission) here are some pictures:

Everyone loves a cupcake!
Kate didn't take any pictures at tennis but believe me when I tell you, there was a very favorable response as well.   So favorable, in fact, that I'm already scoping out recipes for the next big celebration.

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