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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Under Construction: Day Two

My new Viking hood.
We are still without a kitchen around here.  On Tuesday night we went out to dinner on a school night.  We never go out to dinner on a school night but it was either that or not eat.  Chinese sounded like a good option.

My temporary kitchen in the butler's pantry.
This morning I decided I needed to snap into action and organize.  I moved things around and created a temporary kitchen of sorts in our butler's pantry.  While there's no stove or oven and I have to climb under the plastic in the construction zone just to get into the refrigerator, I have to say that things are mush easier. In truth, the butler's pantry is pretty large.  In fact, I've lived in apartments that had smaller kitchens.  Of course, those kitchens did have appliances.

Nonetheless, I do have my trusty slow cooker.  Tonight I put together a beef stew and while it wasn't up to my usual standards, it wasn't bad considering the circumstances.  Tomorrow night I'm trying my hand with a chicken stew.  I think when this is all over we may need a little break from stew.

The dust is at least an inch thick over every surface in the house.  Pebbles is so confused by all the activity that she's taken up residence on the third floor away from all the tumult.  She's generally a little timid and all the workers and loud noises have her completely undone.  She's napping out of the line of fire.

Vince and his guys are making good progress.  The ductwork is up and they have hung the the hood.   The wiring is done and the drywall is up.  We are plastering.  Things are looking very good.

The guys hard at work.
Tomorrow Vince is bringing me a color chart.  I'm so excited.  He thinks that we'll be set to start painting sometime next week.  The project is moving right along.  In no time I'll be back up and running.


  1. Can't wait to see the pictures when it is done! It will be worth the wait.

  2. The drywall sanding dust is the worst to contend with during construction! Your butler's kitchen certainly is bigger than a kitchen I had years ago when I was in an apartment. Glad you have a slow cooker in there. A little toaster oven would be perfect too :)