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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So, the other day I gave you links to everyone on the Steelers Tomato Bowl team but it turns out that, hard as it is to believe, I forgot someone.

Also on the Pittsburgh bloggers team is Evelyn's Corner  (http://evelynscorner.com/).  Now, the interesting thing is that Evelyn   is a Steelers fan living in Wisconsin.  That must make for some interesting grocery store banter these days.  Evelyn, you are a braver person than I am.  Here in Pittsburgh, if you're rooting for the "wrong" team you can barely leave your house.  It's probably a good thing it's so cold in Wisconsin because then you can stay home and not feel like you're hiding from your neighbors.

So, you should all check out Evelyn's Corner.  The recipes sound really good and I think you'll like the blog.

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  1. Thanks, lol. One of my cousins has been the only one to give me a hard time so far, but you're right, I've been hibernating during the last two snow days. Although I did take on everyone at the UW Hospital gift shop last week.
    Actually, I'm Evelyn's daughter and she just got out of the hospital so I've hijacked her blog. She's a Packer's fan, and I have two WI themed blogs, but my beloved Steelers are going again!
    And after all, it's not like I'm a Bears or Vikings fan, haha. (Actually I like the Bears a little, but that one I usually keep to myself.)