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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Could Sell These

Here's the problem with most Passover baked goods:  they're dry and and poor substitutions for the non-Passover versions.  I'm not talking about flourless chocolate cake because that's not really a Passover baked goodie.  Flourless chocolate cake is a rich and delicious dessert that just  happens to qualify.  But as far as I'm concerned, sponge cake barely qualifies as a food, let alone a dessert.  And Passover brownies...  Well, I won't go there.

But the macaroon is a rare exception to my dislike of Passover sweets.  As you know, I swear by Ina Garten's coconut macaroon recipe, which I posted last Friday. Despite its deliciousness, I was thinking of ways to dress the recipe up a bit and make it my own.

Sprinkles.  Why didn't I ever think of that before?

Sprinkles make the macaroons pretty.  They make them a little crunchy.  Sprinkles are like an instant party.  Sprinkles make macaroons special.

Look at these macaroons.

I could sell them.

Maybe I will.

Now I'm on a roll.  What else can I roll macaroons in?  Nuts?  Finely ground toasted coconut a la those coconut marshmallows that Kate can eat by the bagful?  Drizzle them with white and dark chocolate?  Caramel?

The world is my oyster.  (Pardon the non-Kosher reference.)

I could go into business and make a million dollars.  Or at least I could cover my costs, which would make Ted very happy.



  1. Alan would buy - and devour - them with or without the fancy. I'll bet he'd like nuts on them (except hazelnuts). hmr

  2. What a great idea to dress up a macaroon!