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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Postscript to Zonals

We are home and we managed to avoid heat exhaustion in the oppressive St. Louis heat.  Mission accomplished.

Kate continued to play well and won a match.  It was a big win for her against a very tough opponent.  Kate played her little heart out and her teammates were all at the sidelines cheering for her.  As she won that last point, her teammates cheered and Ted and I practically wept.  Who said tennis isn't an emotional game... for the parents.

Anyway, we are back.  That I am writing a post this morning is remarkable because I returned Sunday night to NO INTERNET.  It took all day yesterday to straighten things out but I am back up and running.  You just never focus on how reliant you are on the internet until it let's you down.

So here I am.  We'll talk later.

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