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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pop to It

I have to admit that I've been late to the ice pop party.  I bought a Zoku Ice Pop Maker last summer but after a couple of ill fated attempts I took the unit out of my freezer, stuck it in the back of a cabinet, and promptly forgot about it.

That is, until this summer.  It seems like everywhere I go I see the Zoku, even in the supermarket.  The marketing people for the Zoku have really done their work.   The Zoku freezer is very slick and colorful and its appearance alone makes you want to jump on the band wagon and make some cute little ice pops.

And for someone like me, who loves accessories, the Zoku was made in heaven.  There are Zoku holders, little measuring cups, special molds, and cookbooks dedicated solely to the pursuit of making these frozen treats.

So as not to be left out of the latest craze, back into the freezer went my Zoku and out came the cookbooks and accessories.  This time I actually read the instructions and followed them and low and behold, the pops popped right out of the Zoku.  I set them in my Zoku pop holder and we had dessert.

There is a catch.  The unit must be frozen for 24 hours prior to use so this is not a spontaneous little dessert.  You can make nine pops each time you freeze the unit so there'll be plenty of pops to hold you over until the unit refreezes.

Get creative and pop to it.

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  1. Good morning, Nadine!

    Sure looks like a "cool" gadget! As I was visiting, I had to go check my notes. Guess what? The first patent for frozen ice on a stick was issued August 19, 1924! How cool is that?

    Thanks for sharing...