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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hard Work Pays Off

I am not usually not prone to brag but I'm making an exception because I am bursting with excitement.  This exciting thing is also the reason that there will not be a blog today about anything culinary. 

My daughter Kate is, as you know, a tennis player.  This weekend she has been playing in a national tennis tournament in Philadelphia.   Not just anybody gets to play in this tournament.  She played in it last year too but it didn't go very well.  This year is a totally different story.  She has won two matches.  This is a huge deal and Ted and I are so proud of her that we are beside ourselves.

The "Run for the Roses" (to use an equestrian term) has ended today with a loss to a four star player (which means she's a lot better than Kate) but Kate had two wins to get to this point.  As I said.  This is huge.

So, we are driving back to Pittsburgh tomorrow after a stop at King of Prussia Mall.  This weekend deserves a little celebration.


  1. Congratulations to Kate! Have a nice shopping trip at the King of Prussia Mall. I haven't been there in many years. I think it is exit 25 or 36 off the 76 expressway.

  2. Exit 25 or 26. Don't know where that 36 came from. I hope you had a great shopping day!