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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Father's Day Request

Father's Day is coming and that means that we mothers will be planning a celebration second to none.  This is in direct contrast to Mother's Day where the fathers plan a celebration the night before.  In fairness, Ted does a pretty good job but I suspect it's always a last minute "Oh sh*t, tomorrow is Mother's Day" event.

Nonetheless, my friend and reader Karen is in planning mode and has asked for a recipe for lemon meringue pie, her husband's favorite dessert.  Lucky for Karen (and for her husband) that lemon meringue pie is also one of my favorite desserts so of course I have a recipe worthy of a celebration.

Here's the thing about my recipe.  It's really more of a lemon curd tart with a meringue topping.  I love the richness of lemon curd because it's not quite as cloying as a traditional lemon pie filling.  I also love the denseness and the crumble of the shortbread crust.  This crust is much easier to deal with than a traditional pie crust because it's just pressed into the tart pan as opposed to rolled out and placed in a pie pan.  And who doesn't love skipping the rolling out part of making a pie?  The meringue always reminds me of sweet clouds.  It's so light and fluffy and then goes poof in my mouth.

This is an easy recipe although it is a little labor intensive and it  requires a lot of pots and appliances.  Just give yourself enough time and you'll look just like Ina when you arrive at the table with your showpiece of a dessert.

Recipe:  Ina Garten's Lemon Meringue Tart
For complete recipe go to Lemon Meringue Tart


  1. This looks amazing! I just printed out the recipe and I know Bruce will love it. I have made lemon bars before with a similar crust. One day I will have to conquer my fear of pie crust. Bruce also happens to love a good apple pie, but lemon meringue is his favorite. We used to order apple pie with a cheddar cheese crust when we ate at The Authentic Cafe on Beverly Blvd. Did you ever eat there? One of these days I will need an apple pie recipe from you. Thanks for all of your help.

  2. Yum, Ina Gartens's version sounds much better than traditional lemon meringue pie (and now I can spell meringue)!