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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wedding Fever: Day 3

There's nothing quite like high tea.  And, despite all the goings on  this Friday, you just know that late in the afternoon, after the Queen's reception and before Prince Charles' shindig, Will and Kate will sit down, kick off their shoes, and settle in for a spot of tea.

Years ago, when Charlie was about five, we took him to London for a week.  Kate was still very little so she stayed home with the grandparents.  We did all the sights.  The Tower of London was Charlie's favorite.  He really liked Beefeaters.  What can I say... He was five and five year olds really like Beefeaters.

One afternoon we decided to take him to Fortum and Mason for traditional high tea.  I am going to start by saying that the dining room was just beautiful.  Lots of china and silver.  When they brought out the traditional tiered pastry stand, not surprisingly Charlie zeroed in on the chocolate treats right away.  He ate one then another and another.  He was a perfect little gentleman.  The napkin was in his lap and he was using his "inside voice".  I was so proud.  He ate a couple of little scones. some little sandwiches, and most of the chocolate treats.  He even drank his tea without slurping.  It was a watershed event.   Charlie's manners were impeccable.

When we got up to leave, Charlie placed his pristine white linen napkin on the table.  Hum, I thought.  How can that napkin be so clean with all the chocolate and scones he ate.  Where are the chocolate smudges and the crumbs from the scones.

I soon found out.  When Charlie got up from his chair there were his chocolate smudges and the crumbs from the scones all over the pristine white seat cover on the chair.  There was a sea of crumbs under his chair as well, but the white upholstery with the big smears of chocolate really took my breath away.  So, I did what any self respecting mother would do.  I pushed the chair in and we made a run for it.

Nonetheless, Ted and I enjoyed our perfect cup of British tea.  Tomorrow we will explore the wonderful world of scones, but for today, read up on how to make the perfect cup of British tea  (Perfect Tea).

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