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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

News at 11

I thought, since you all showed so much concern, I would give you a little update on both Pebbles and my dishwasher situation.

First of all, you will all be very happy to know that Pebbles is doing much better today.  She's been dutifully taking her prescriptions and seems much perkier and back to herself.  She even had a little of my pancake this morning.  She doesn't usually get people food, but I've been feeling so sorry for her that my Jewish mother instincts have completely kicked in.  Please don't tell Dr. Gerson that Pebi is eating pancake. Bulldogs can become fatties in something like 20 seconds if they are fed anything extra.  At the moment, I am proud to say that she is bulldog perfection at 47 pounds, but that won't last if she keeps feasting on pancakes.

The dishwasher situation is not quite as rosy as the bulldog situation.  Apparently the computer board has gone out and is no longer available for replacement.   While I would ordinarily be very excited about getting a new dishwasher  (or at least as excited as one can get about having help with the dishes,) I am filled with anxiety about it.  Let me explain why.

At the moment, my refrigerator freezes everything on the left side.  My oven does not close properly so it is difficult to maintain a constant temperature inside.  And, to add to all that, I need a fan above my cooktop.  Every time I brown meat, the smoke detector in the hallway goes off.  Here's the thing.  All of my existing appliances are white, and I want to redo the whole kitchen using stainless steel.  I have in mind a beautiful new kitchen but I haven't actually done anything about actually designing it yet.  And we all know that redoing a kitchen is like moving a mountain.  Nothing happens quickly.  And so, I am left trying to decide how to handle the broken dishwasher situation.

To replace or not to replace, that is the question.  Do I go with a stainless steel dishwasher even though it won't match or do I just get the white and resign myself to a lifetime of white appliances?  What if I never get around to actually redoing the kitchen (not that that's really an option) and end up with unmatching appliances!  I am a "cooking professional" for heavens sake!

So in the meantime, while I am in dishwasher flux, I am developing a new appreciation for all modern conveniences.  All I can tell you is that while I am willing, although unhappy, about washing dishes by hand, if my washing machine and dryer die I will not be reverting back to a wringer!

Recipe for the Day:

Screw it.  We're ordering in Chinese.


  1. Order Chinese and do the whole thing over! No unmatching appliances necessary. You can totally handle redoing it :) Stainless steel and pretty granite...ooh my dream!

  2. I'm glad to hear Pebbles is doing better!

    Now, about that dishwasher - get stainless if you think it will bother Ted that it won't match the other appliances and he then might consider all new appliances, or even better, a whole new kitchen (optimistic, I know). Otherwise, replace it with another white dishwasher, so the mismatched appliances don't drive you crazy.

  3. Nadine, you are hilarious! Keep up the blogging!

  4. You have to celebrate Pebble's recovery! This calls for a shopping trip to purchase all new appliances. Then you can celebrate your new kitchen appliances by going out to dinner. Sounds like you will have a great day!