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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Geno's or Pat's?

This weekend we were in Philadelphia, home of the Philly cheese steak.  Kate is a big fan so off we went to South Philly, home of two of the most famous cheese steaks, Geno's and Pat's.

I have to start by saying that I am not quite as enthusiastic about cheese steaks as Kate is.  They're good but I always feel like I need a shower after I eat one.  They're a little on the, shall we say, greasy side.  I opt for provolone cheese, but Ted and Kate like their cheesesteaks with Cheese Wiz, a Philly classic.  Topped off with grilled onions, the Philly cheese steak is a heart attack waiting to happen.

Geno's and Pat's are the two most famous cheese steaks in Philly.  I'm sure there are some that are better, but Geno and Pat own the town when it comes to the classic.  Everyone has a favorite -- either Geno's or Pat's -- but I've only been to Pat's a couple of times and never to Geno's so I'll go out on a limb and say that Pat's is the best.

There funny thing is that Geno's and Pat's are across the street from one another on the corners of 9th and Passyunk Avenue.  Pat's came first in 1930 and then Geno's moved in in 1966 to steal away business from Pat's.  It's been war ever since.

How to Order a Steak @ Pats
Both are open around the clock and both always have lines.  I suspect that while some people actually have a favorite, often the decision on where to eat is predicated on which line is shorter.  Geno's is flashy, with so much lighting that I am convinced it would be visible from space.  Pat is a little more low key, with its most notable feature being a sign detailing how to properly order a cheese steak.

For me, it's always been Pat's.  But who knows?  Next time the line could be shorter at Geno's and I could give those sandwiches a try.

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