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Monday, March 21, 2011

Ted Goes to the Market: An Adventure in Shopping

A couple of weekends ago I was away at a tennis tournament with Kate.  The tournament started on Friday evening and Ted was very busy at the office so he was unable to join us.  It was just us girls and a wild weekend in Erie, Pennsylvania.

While I love watching Kate play tennis, my idea of an exciting weekend is not located in Erie.  I also dream of the day when I'll go away for a weekend and not have a case of water and a case of Gatorade traveling along with me.  Nonetheless, Ted and Pebbles, our English bulldog, were at home for the weekend without us.

At some point over the weekend Ted found his way to the grocery store.  This is remarkable for a couple of reasons.  First of all, I left a house full of food.  And, second, I wasn't aware that he even knew where the grocery store was.  Nonetheless, Ted went shopping and among his purchases was a bag of blood oranges.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I love blood oranges.  They're delicious but they're not something I would just pick up without a plan.  Did Ted buy them just because they looked interesting or was he planning to actually make something with them?  It's funny because there they were in the refrigerator, and he never said a word about them.

So, the other day I was trying to make some room in the refrigerator and there were those damn oranges just sitting there without a purpose.  I started thinking about what I might do with them.  I could make juice,    That would be nice.  Or I could make a salad and section them off and throw them in.  Or I could make blood orange curd.  Now I was cooking with gas.

The color of a blood orange is gorgeous, a dark purply color.  The taste is divine as well.    Unfortunately, I am sad to report that the color and taste did not translate well to blood orange curd.  I have no idea why, but the cooked color was sort of greyish yellow and the curd didn't have a lot of taste.  I am convinced that there must have been a technical difficulty in my preparation because it should have worked and it should have been delicious.  I think it's back to the drawing board with this recipe.

So, in the end those blood oranges were a bit of a science project.  Not to worry.  Kate and I are off to scenic Manasquan, NJ next weekend.  Maybe Ted will go shopping again.

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