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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

One Enchanted Evening

Sending Kate to an all girls school certainly has had its benefits.  She got an excellent education.  She made wonderful friends.  And we avoided much of the boy related drama that comes with going to a coed school.  All in all, I'd say it was a good choice.

But then there's Kate's position on the whole subject of an all girls school.  Yes, she agrees that she got a great education.  And she agrees that she made friends that may well last a lifetime.  But on the subject of boys, or the absence thereof, well... not so much.

Let's just say that for a teenage girl, an all girls high school can be a little, shall we say, socially limiting.

It's not that Kate doesn't know any boys.  She plays tennis with boys.  She knows boys from "around", and she knows lots of boys from before she went to her all girls school.  But what she hasn't had much  of is the big high school dance thing.  Let's face it, if you go to a school with 43 girls in your class, there's a limit to how rip roaring a school dance is going to be.

But alas, a very nice guy asked Kate to his prom.  Said nice guy goes to a big public high school, and not unexpectedly, big public schools are the masters of things like proms and homecomings.  Needless to say, she had a wonderful time.

Since I am a mother first and foremost, and mothers do things like show pictures of their kids, here are a few from Kate's evening at the prom.

The obligatory Pittsburgh in the background shot.

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  1. Beautiful daughter,everyone looks so lovely. Glad to hear she had a wonderful time.