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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hip Hip Hooray

I am a worrier.  It's my way.  I worry that Charlie isn't wearing socks in the cold Minnesota winter.  I worry that Kate didn't have enough to eat before she left to play three hours of tennis.  I worry about the big things and I worry about the little things  I'm an equal opportunity worrier.

So, I am sure you can imagine the anxiety with which I approached this school year.  You see, this is the year that Charlie will graduate from college, and this is the year that Kate will graduate from high school.  The only thing more anxiety producing than having two toddlers is having two seniors.

Along with these milestone events, comes the requisite anxiety about the next step.  Charlie will either need to  decide on graduate school or a job for after graduation, and Kate will need to find the college that's perfect for her.  Needless to say, I have worked myself into quite a state over all of this uncertainty.

But I have good news.

Charlie, who ultimately decided to put graduate school off for a couple years, has gotten himself a job starting in the fall after graduation.  And not just any job.  He's gotten himself a good job!  A job commensurate with his fancy schmancy education.  In New York, which is what he wanted.  Yay!

And Kate, well, she's gone and gotten herself into her first choice college, early decision no less.  Yes, Kate if off to the wilds of New England!  And to top it all off, aside from it being a great choice academically, all those years of tennis will pay off with a spot on the varsity tennis team in the NESCAC!

Life is good.   I can relax.  For a moment.

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