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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Favorite Things

My friend Deborah is a master of efficiency.  She has a husband, four kids, and too many animals to even list, so efficiency is very important around her house.  Nonetheless, I suspect she would be on top of things even if she had no kids, husband, or menagerie.  I could come away from our conversations and/or visits  with one of two feelings.  I could feel inadequate because I'm not nearly as organized as she is despite my best efforts or I could feel inspired.  I'm going to go with inspired because why beat myself up?

So, several months ago Deborah told me that she had started ordering household products online.  Things like laundry detergent, paper toweling, and the like.  All the stuff I hate schlepping home from Target or Costco.  She even sent me the link to soap.com but of course I never did anything about it.

Recently we were talking and Deborah mentioned soap.com again.  She also mentioned that she had been ordering dog food online from wag.com.  The minute I heard I could order Pebbles' favorite Eukanuba lamb and rice food online I was on the job.

So, I am sold.  Both soap and wag carry all the major brands.  I'm not talking Purina here.  Wag carries all the gourmet dog food brands.  Both sites guarantee 2 day delivery and it's free if you spend over $39.00.  They also have all sorts of coupons for 15% or 20% off your total order.  Their prices before coupons are competitive with both Target and Costco.  Convenience and cheap.  SOLD!

I urge you to check out these two websites.  They are fabulous and are really time savers.  I'm sure if Oprah still had her talk show, these sites would be among her "favorite things".

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